OK, but will the orbiting hotel and moon day trips have FREE wifi?

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic / Mark Greenberg / Wiki Commons


Space Cadet First Class Leif Pettersen will be reporting for duty for when/if they launch the first fam trip to the orbiting hotel – or space cruise ship or whatever – that may include jaunts to buzz the moon, as is apparently being soberly discussed somewhere at Virgin Galactic.

Obviously, this would be certifiable wingnut babble if it weren’t coming from the same folks who already have a working space plane which they anticipate will begin shuttling the richies out for commercial space joyrides in 2014.

Though it’s tempting to get a little dance-y about the concept of spring break in orbit, the slightly more foreseeable future plans for Virgin Galactic include satellite launch solutions and zapping people from London to Sydney in about two hours.

Still, I for one am keeping my space-readiness assessment handy and updated for when they decide the experience needs to be illustrated in glorious, evocative detail by a professional, who, by the way, is relatively light-weight, follows direction well and hasn’t barfed since 1993, sir, commander sir.

Here’s Sir Richard Branson being justifiably excited about a recent successful test of his space bus.


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