Video evidence that naked skiing is a horrible idea

[The above video is NSFW, of course]

I originally clicked on this video for the same reason pretty much everyone else did: boobies! (Or what have you.) But then the video started and the cruel emotional whiplash began.

Travelers are often guilty of behavior and risk-taking they probably wouldn’t try at home. Then there’s the travelers of a certain temperament (read: blood alcohol level), who find that combining normal activities and nudity are the key to personal liberation.

  • Naked sun bathing – Approved!
  • Naked dancing – Yes!
  • Naked board games – Uh, I suppose.
  • Naked frying chicken – Oh please, not that.
  • Naked skiing – You’re fucked.

This 2.5 minutes of genital shrinking discomfort is from the movie “Valhalla,” a personal journey, travel, ski film. Says co-director Nick Waggoner “It was February when we filmed a lot of the actual skiing. Temperatures [were] probably around 25-28 degrees Fahrenheit. Falling on snow while naked is a pretty unimaginable. The snow, the cold, it’s actually really abrasive, like an arctic road rash.”

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What’s the worst naked activity you’ve encountered?