Is this morphing, adjustable width bench the future of air travel?

Forgetting for a moment that this animation, and absence of foam, makes these seats look awfully unforgiving, I still have a few reservations with “Morph,” a highly adjustable airplane seating concept.

Briefly, Morph essentially makes each row of seats into an adjustable width bench, allowing people to buy as much (or little) seat as they please. For example, people can buy smaller, less expensive seats for their kids. Clever, right? Morph seats additionally have “formers” which control seat pan height and depth as well as standard recline control.

Here’s the problem: with people being able to reserve a specific seat width depending on how much space/comfort they prefer, people booking the last few seats in a nearly full flight could theoretically find themselves with no choice but to squeeze into a 16-inch wide seat. Likewise, a person of, erm, less aerodynamic size may try to save a few bucks by buying an inappropriate seat width, making the potential for spill-over even worse of a problem than it is now.

That said, I love that these in-seat former things recline passengers without physically reclining the seat into someone’s face. We need to get that feature into planes pronto.