Here we go again… “Italian police kill football fan”

More senseless football (soccer) related violence in Italy. This time a fan is killed, strangely while sitting in a car. I suppose authorities will dream up some wacky explanation as to how the guy sitting in the car was the most dangerous one at the brawl. Or maybe they’ll blame everything on a nearby dog.

Tit for tat I guess, after a cop was killed while sitting in his car in February when a fan tossed a homemade explosive through the window.

This is just the stuff that makes international news. Smaller, non-fatal skirmishes happen constantly. Pseudo-solutions like stopping games and playing to empty stadiums for a week or two has done nothing to cool things down.

The way I see it, there are only two ways to resolve this issue permanently:

1. Play games to empty stadiums for a decade. Yes, a whole decade. Let the fucking hooligans watch games on TV and tear up their own apartments if they wanna get rambunctious. After 10 years they can reopen the stadiums to fans. By then the current generation of hooligans will have matured a bit (maybe) and the new generation of fans will not have grown up in that atmosphere and won’t be prone to kicking up trouble for the sake of kicking up trouble.

2. Inject valium into every man, woman and child as they enter the stadium.

If they’re gonna act like children, treat them like children.