Heat wave causes it to ‘rain’ bat corpses in Australia (naturally)

[Don’t watch the video above if you find piles of bat corpses upsetting.]

Leave it to Australia to make the Arctic Vortex seem like a pleasant alternative.

It’s been literally raining bat carcasses this week in southeast Queensland, near the city of Brisbane, Australia. (Of course it’s Australia.)

Officials are estimating that some 100,000 bats have died due to a heat wave cooking the region, many plummeting to the ground in piles while others lie dead in trees and bushes, being eaten by maggots.

The smell, unsurprisingly, is causing a problems for locals, some of whom are also having to get anti-viral treatments after being scratched by the stressed out surviving bats while cleaning up the bodies of the dead.

As if their jobs weren’t morbid enough, garbage collectors have been tasked with removing the carcasses in urban areas. Whatever those guys get paid, it’s not enough.