Aw crap: Someone left $1.1 million in gold bars in an airplane toilet


Either someone has discovered how to shit gold or remarkable hijinks led to $1.1 million worth of gold bars being left behind in a Jet Airways plane toilet in Kolkata, India. The stash was found after the flight arrived from Bangkok by either passengers or a cleaning crew, depending on which part of this crack piece of journalism you chose to believe.

Gold hoarding is problem in India, where there’s a discouraging import duty of 15% at the moment, so perhaps there were ill-conceived plans to sneak the gold past customs, but how that involved leaving it unattended in a busy part of the plane is anybody’s guess.

Another important point that was strangely given no elaboration is why whoever found the gold happily turned it over to officials instead of boarding the next flight to Bali like a sensible person.

The exquisite capper to this tale of bad decisions is Kolkata’s airport is also known as “Dum Dum Airport.”