Proposed ginormous ‘floating city’ will circumnavigate the globe every two years

This just in from Florida’s Department of Batshit Crazy, Wretched Excess:

Put on hold during the recession, the plan is reportedly back on to build the “Freedom Ship,” a floating city that will circumnavigate the globe every two years. The idea is so impossibly ambitious, in fact, that even their own promotional video admits “Unfortunately, today, technology doesn’t make it possible to build such a mammoth giant of a ship.” Considering the crimes against English committed in that sentence, I’ll bet a lot of things seem difficult to those folks. Also, the Star Trek theme music was an interesting choice.

At a cost of approximately $10 billion, the Freedom Ship would easily be the largest vessel ever built. Twenty-five stories high and over a mile long, the ship will be too large to enter ports, so they’re slapping on a rooftop airport which, judging by the video, will have planes coming and going pretty much constantly.

Despite being marketed as a luxury ship, one bedroom units will start at a very affordable $150,000. The luxury units will go for $7-10 million.

Buyer’s tip: avoid getting units on the top couple floors. The noise from the planes landing and taking off will no doubt be horrendous.