‘Swimming with pigs’ isn’t a new mob euphemism, it’s a tourist activity

Telling people about your exhilarating adventure swimming with pigs may not elicit the same coos as swimming with dolphins or seals, but there’s no arguing that it looks pretty fun.

swimming with pigs

If you’re so inspired, journey to Great Exuma (or Big Major Cay, depending on what source you’re reading) in The Bahamas and bring your boat in near the beach. In a few minutes, you’ll be in the company of swimming pigs and piglets.

No one is sure how the pigs got onto this spit of land – legend has it that they’re the only survivors of a nearby shipwreck – but the smart pigs have figured out that if they swim out to passing boats and look cute, people will feed them and play with them.

But you know what would be really cool? Swimming with pandas. No wait, surfing with pandas! Nailed it.