Oh man, my little heart is breaking. I’ve just had a very fulfilling, passion-filled, five year relationship suddenly terminate. Boo hoo.

She was easily my longest and most treasured traveling companion. We’d been through so much together. Seen the world from first class airplane seats, luxury cruises and the backs of open-top truck beds, rattling down dusty roads. We endured hair-raising border crossings, every weather extreme and frequently slept together in dodgy hostels for safety.

Sure, she wasn’t aging too gracefully – she’d put on some weight (she never looked the same after she got that 24-page insert taped onto her in Bangkok), her face was increasingly creased from spending so much time in my pocket and it seemed like every country we visited she’d come away with new body art, but somehow this only made me love her more.

It ended so suddenly. One minute we’re jet-setting along as ever, the next she had simply run out of pages.

Goodbye my dear, sweet passport. I will never forget you.

Oh sure, I’ll get another passport. She’ll be new, thin, have perfect skin and, ideally, will have never been with another guy, but it just won’t be the same. There’s all that get-to-know you awkwardness. Scrutiny over our considerable age difference, learning each other’s coffee preferences, peeing with the door closed…

And she’ll have a hell of a time winning over my friends. Everyone loved my old passport. She was the life of the party. She drew stares and reverent gasps from random passersby. She had charisma, wisdom and beauty that can only be won through age and experience. And, if you must know, she was insane between the sheets.

I know the best course of action is to cut the cord and move on, but I’ve been listening to Boston’s “Take My Breath Away” all morning and looking at photos. Here’s a few choice candids.




Ah memories. Please leave your condolences in the comments area.

UPDATE: After lengthy investigation, culminating in a 20 minute phone call to the US Passport Center, I have learned that I can indeed get more pages taped into my current passport. US passports, which arrive with 24 pages, can take up to three inserts containing 24 additional pages each, meaning a passport is not truly “filled” until it has 96 pages. Woo hoo!