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The 1989 Romanian Revolution

During my (fleeting) downtime in Timisoara, I went around the city making a spectacle of myself for the locals while shooting my (abridged) retelling of the events of the 1989 Revolution. Check it.

An oasis of peace and quiet in Bucharest

Bucharest has precious few, outdoor, calm retreats from the frantic drivers and crowded sidewalks. Here’s one, with atmosphere to boot.

Soroca Fortress – Moldova

It wasn’t an easy drive, but me and a merry band of Moldovans road-tripped up to Soroca last week and I took some gripping video.

The Legend of Magnetic Hill – Orhei, Moldova

Using my faithful Dacia Logan, I test the magnetic properties of a notorious hill in central Moldova. There’s really not much more to add. You gotta see it to believe it. I heartily recommend World Nomads travel insurance

The Minneapolis Skyway: A Love Story

Anyone who’s every spoken to me for more than seven minutes knows that I reap the same warm, comforting feelings from the Minneapolis Skyway system as most people would experience on a quiet, tropical beach. Moving into a Skyway-connected building instantly transformed my outlook on Minnesota winters – in that…

Video proof that I’m a Renaissance Man

I’m often reverently described as a modern Renaissance Man, to which I always answer, ‘Damn straight, mom!” So in case any of you were curious about what the 2008 version of a Renaissance Man looks like, I present you with the following evidence. First, going straight to Renaissance Ground Zero,…

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

I apologize in advance for the length, but not really. I vblog like I write – it’s either 2,000 words or nothing at all. [Cross-posted at This is Why I Love Minneapolis]

Travel TV show host available now: articulate, sexy and cheap – video blogging debut

Some of you may remember that I was flown rock star style from Rome to Washington DC last June with only four days notice – rock stars never get more than four days notice for anything – to audition for a travel TV show hosting job that I ultimately failed…

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