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Duck and Cover juggling gym highlight video, fall 2014

Tweet Since competing in the International Jugglers’ Association team championships in July, my teammate Steve and I, released from drilling the same 21 tricks ad nauseam, have had the luxury of indulging in some fun/stupid tricks during our practices. I’ve pieced some (mostly) recent video together into a Duck and…

The world juggling championships: how I became a competitive athlete at age 44

Leif Pettersen (right) wearing his silver medal from the International Jugglers' Association 2014 championships

Tweet I already know what you’re thinking, so let’s address the question right out of the gate: is juggling a sport? There are wide ranging opinions on the subject, from snot-shooting, helpless laughs to those who argue that juggling is in fact an art form. I fall on the sport…

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