Breaking News! The Bird Flu is Back in Romania!!! Woo hoo!

The latest flip-flop in the Romanian bird flu issue says that there is indeed bird flu here!  They found it in a factory in Brasov!  Swear to god this time!!! 

We are all being warned not to eat any chicken from this factory, but how are you supposed to know when you’re eating a pizza (my main staple) or a kebab (my secondary staple)?

Anyway, a quick search through the English speaking news world reveals nothing on this report, so I’m officially breaking the news!  That’s right folks, you read it here first on ‘Every Notable Patch of Grass in Romania’!  I feel like a real journalist! 

Unfortunately, I am too mired in frenzied LP editing to look for a TV and give you more details, just know this:  Romanian chicken = instant death. 

This week anyway.  Next week it’ll be Pork Constipation or something.