Travel company’s Grenada/Granada screw up sends woman on wacky detour


Close, but not quite.

One time, I stopped myself one click away from purchasing a suspiciously cheap plane ticket from Athens, Greece to Minneapolis when I realized that the ticket was actually from Athens, Georgia to Minneapolis. Whew!

Another time, an obnoxious agent at the Nice, France train station, who was extremely unhappy about having to help me rather than smoke and read her magazine, hastily booked my train ticket to Geneva, Switzerland. I was two hours into the trip when I realized the idiot had put me on a train to Genova, Italy.

What I’m saying is this could happen to anyone – though that agent in Nice needed an epic nose-flicking.

Clearly someone at Avios was having an off day when they, presumably in a hurry, booked Lamenda Kingdon’s bucket list trip to see the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and got it slightly wrong. Kingdon was well into her flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada when she realized what had happened.

Happily, Avios did the right thing and reimbursed Kingdon for her expenses and time and had her on her way to Spain the following day. Now Kingdon has satisfied the traveler’s bucket list item of having a hilarious travel debacle story to tell.


Have you ever made, or been victim to, a booking mix-up?