America Manages to Screw Romania’s Bid for EU Membership

Well, thats the headline I would have written.  Got you to click on the link, didnt I?

Instead the BBC chose a more tactful line:  “Europe under ‘rendition’ cloud”, an uninspired title that I wouldnt  have clicked in a million years if it werent accompanied by a naked photo of Salma Hayak.

It seems Romanian officials, being the selfless and helpful bunch that they are, may have (allegedly) bowed to American pressure – big bags of money are surprisingly heavy – and invited them to set up a CIA jail, or ‘black site, where terror suspects could be detained and interrogated (tortured) with wild abandon by foreign security officials where there is ‘no legal protection or rights under American law.  As punishment, its been suggested that Romania should have their EU membership delayed until they learn right from wrong.

Realistically, with the evidence being so thin, and Romanias accession treaty having already been inked, theres little chance theyll be barred from the EU.  And even if there was a strong case, we all know that with the slow, groaning wheels of politics that no one would get around to condemning Romania until, oh, 2018 or so. As such, we can all relax and continue to dream of membership in the European Monetary Union and no travel restrictions for people going to work in Italy and Spain.  Whew!

On an unrelated note, the first person to spit on Ann Coulter will receive a free, autographed copy of Lonely Planet – Romania and Moldova.  Photographic evidence required.