Ah Paris!

Paris was everything I’d anticipated and more. In three days, I spent nearly $200 in food and drink, gained about five pounds and took innumerable pictures of quintessential Parisian scenery like the snap below.


Now before you fly off the handle and write your congressperson condemning me for being a depraved, voyeuristic pervert, allow me to make two important points;

1)  I snuck this photo for the purely professional reason that it’d make killer cover art for the next ‘Lonely Planet Best of Paris’.
2)  I’m a depraved, voyeuristic pervert (natch).

Furthermore, believe it or not, I showed heroic restraint by only stealing this relatively harmless shot.  Moments later the view became decidedly more graphic when this young beauty straddled her lover’s torso and began to move her body in a way that would have made Shakira whistle.  I chose to be a gentleman and leave my camera in my day-bag (after the zipper got stuck during the initial, frenzied yank).