Venezuelan crowded subway etiquette is a little frightening [VIDEO]

Take the crush of humanity in the Tokyo subway and the lawlessness of the New York subway, put them in a blender and you get this crowded subway video from Venezuela. Hang on to your jaw before you hit “play,” because it’s about to drop onto your keyboard. crowded subway venezuela

This bonkers crowded subway video was allegedly taken somewhere in Venezuela’s Valles del Tuy region. You can hear the screams of desperation and panic before the doors even open. Then all hell breaks loose. It’s not exactly budget-bus-ride-across-Europe insane but almost.

Apart from simply having a place to sit, I’m at a loss as to why boarding the train is done as if everyone is fleeing a lava flow infested with robot death sharks. People are literally crawling over one another, leaping through the bars and disregarding the well being of everyone else around them.

But one assumes this kind of thing is common on this particular subway line based on the fact that our videographer was poised and ready to capture the insanity. One thing is certain, if I ever go to Venezuela I’ll be budgeting for a couple dozen taxi rides.