Worst living statue ever breaks character to menace non-tipping tourist

Living statue in RomeDon’t stiff street performers. Especially a living statue in Rome. Seriously.

Back in the early 90s, I did a little juggling on the street around Europe to earn extra cash, so I can tell you with complete authority that taking a photo or video of any street performer and not tipping them is a massive jerk move. I’m taking to you America, Russian and Chinese tourists!

On the other hand, as this article accurately points out, it’s becoming difficult to take a photo at any site in Rome without capturing one of the teeming jillions of living statues in the frame.

Rather than just grit his teeth and seethe, like a respectable street performer should do when the jerk tourists are jerking off, a living statue in Rome decided to chase down an Italian tourist who allegedly took his picture then wandered off without tipping.

Worse still, several members of what appears to be some kind of living statue mafia also joined the chase. The tourist, with his mother, ran for his life and called police.

Rome’s ongoing struggle with keeping some semblance of control over aggressive street performers peaked in 2012 when over 20 costumed Roman Centurions scuffled with police when they tried to evict two of their brethren.