See the entire Pacific Crest Trail in seven minutes [VIDEO]

The Pacific Crest Trail is a stupefying 2,663 mile slog of punishing desert terrain, mountain climbs, rocky crags, vertigo-inducing ridges and unpredictable weather-related liveliness that makes the Appalachian Trail seem like a mellow stroll.

The PC starts at the U.S. border with Mexico and finishes at Manning Park in British Columbia, Canada, passing through California, Oregon, and Washington along the way.

Roughly 300 lunatics attempt to thru-hike the PC each year, which, in 2013, included this dude, who completed the trail in four and a half months, shooting three-second video clips along the way. He stitched it all together into this seven minute video montage which sensible people like you and me can now enjoy from our desks.


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