Visit Tokyo like Superman using Google Earth 3D imagery

tokyo3d3You know, there are days when Google makes me curse loud enough to be heard outside my sound proofed condo on the street 26 stories below. And then there are days when I’m rendered (near) speechless by the crazy technical hijinks they pull off.

Using what I can only imagine was a squillion hours of manpower, Google Earth has made an traversable 3D scan of Tokyo (and Chiba, and Sendai, and Kanagawa) making it possible to zap around the city like Superman.

While the images aren’t Matrix-caliber, high-res perfection, they’re close enough to make this a convincing and fun few minutes of swooping around the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree and other buildings and parks.

tokyo3d2 tokyo3d1If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to install the Google Earth browser plug-in for this to work. It’s worth the three minutes, trust me.

It also works on mobile devices.

[Images via Google Earth, obviously]

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