Passenger calmly videos his plane crash landing into water and evacuation

You probably don’t wanna watch this if you even have a tiny fear of flying.

Ferdinand Puentes happened to be videoing his small plane’s Honolulu flight take-off with his GoPro camera, so the camera was handy when the engine failed two minutes into the flight and the plane started going down over water.

What’s even more amazing than this first person video of a water landing is that all the passengers are so incredibly calm. Not even one little yelp during impact.

[Side note: Someone may want to acquaint ABC’s Robin Roberts with the exact definition of the word “spiraling.”]

Of the nine passengers, there was only one fatality: Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii’s Health Director, who escaped the crash, but didn’t survive the ordeal in the water while waiting for help, which arrived about 1.5 hours later.


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