Swanky mini-yacht is the deluxe campervan of the sea

The_Jet_Capsule_JumpIt’s difficult to not to geek out over the Jet Capsule mini-yacht. It’s just so quintessentially European. Modest and affordable, while being comfortable and attractive. I mean look at it! It looks like a frickin’ Star Trek shuttle craft!

Made in Italy, the Jet Capsule measures 23 feet long, 13 feet wide and can be outfitted with a compact kitchen, bathroom (where?), and a dining area that transforms into sleeping bunks which will accommodate a few (very close) passengers.

Dig it.


Warp 57, Mr. Sulu.

The_Jet_Capsule_0078hThe_Jet_Capsule_0019_Livello_4Assuming that on board bathroom feature isn’t a myth, this seems readymade for semi-budget travel overnight water excursions and anyone with half a brain and some seed cash had better get going with rental schemes on choice European lakes ASAP.

Here’s a video the company produced. It’s a little on the dramatic side.

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