How many countries are there? You should probably sit down for this

Lessee there’s the USA,  Russia,  Europe, Atlantis, uh Pandora… Screw it, I give up.

The answer is actually a little tricky, even for smart people, because it’s a moving target and it depends on who’s counting.

The detail-oriented C. G. P. Grey, responsible for such dizzyingly informative videos as “The Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England,” tries to explain this as best he can, including a shout out to my homies and gangstas in the illegal breakaway “republic” of Transdniestr. No joke, there’s gangsters there.

If you’re too lazy to watch, the generally accepted answer as of this instant is 193. (According to the big boy, UN rule-makers the USA, France, China, Russia and England.) Unless you’re the Olympics, then the answer is 204. But they don’t count places like Vatican City and Kosovo, in which case seriously just watch the video.

What standard do you use to count countries?

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