Moldova Travel Guide app for iPhone and Android released!

The first of many fruits from my recent press trip to Moldova has been completed. Drawing on this trip and my four previous visits to Moldova for Lonely Planet research over the past seven years, I have produced the Moldova Travel Guide app for iPhone and Android.

Moldova is Europe’s least visited country (just 9,000 international visitors in 2011), making it one of the last genuine, off the beaten path destinations in Europe. Travelers seem to agree: Lonely Planet’s 2013 “Traveller’s Choice” survey voted Moldova the #2 “Off the Beaten Path” destination in the world.

The country’s high quality and inexpensive wine tourism sector is what draws most visitors, but there’s far more on offer, including cave monasteries, fortresses, intriguing cultural diversity, and some truly excellent value restaurants and nightlife in Chisinau.

My app covers Moldova’s primary tourism destinations, namely Chisinau, the breakaway “republic” of Transdniestr, Orheiul Vechi, Soroca fortress and a variety of wine tasting destinations and tours. It includes entries on all of Moldova’s top attractions, a wide range of accommodations options, restaurants, nightlife, transport information, city introductions, history, cultural trivia and much more all gleaned from my seven years of travel and guidebook research in the country.

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To my knowledge, there is no equal to my Moldova guide in any medium (except, in some aspects, my Romania and Moldova travel website) and this information deluge can be yours for a mere US$1.99.

I have a few free download codes to give away to people armed with iPhones and iPads who would like to test-drive the app and then, ideally, tell everyone they know all about it. (Sorry, Android users, the Google Play store doesn’t offer this feature to publishers)

If you’d like a free download code (while supplies last) just leave a comment below and I’ll fire one off to you. Please use your real email address in the comment form so I can reach you easily.

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