Romania Traveler’s Guide app for iPhone and Android – The Enlargening

Remember last year when I went into utter seclusion for over a month, living on pizza and cheap wine, to painstakingly piece together my Romania Traveler’s Guide app (for iPhone, iPad and Android)? And remember how I said that it was the most thorough, human-researched Romania country guide in app history, hosted on the dynamic, user-friendly Sutro Media travel app platform? Well, it just got better.

I grossly underestimated the intrepid exploring instincts of the smartphone-equipped travel crowd. Even though I had exhaustive information on Romania’s six most visited cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Suceava), as well as cataloging all the pertinent castles, churches, activities, top attractions, transport info, general trivia, history, culture, cuisine and Dracula stuff around the country, people wanted more.

I have followed up on this feedback by, well, going a bit nuts, quite frankly.

I have more than doubled the geographic territory covered in the previous edition of my Romania travel app. In addition to the destinations/attractions/information listed above, I have added the cities of Timisoara, Iasi (my former home) and the Black Sea Coast gateway cities of Constanta and Mamaia.

But there’s more! I listed all of the noteworthy towns and resorts along the Black Sea Coast. I added entries for the primary points of interest in the Danube Delta. Finally, I added all those bucolic, historic, sleepy villages in the peasant region of Maramures.

romania app screenshotromania app screenshot

There is no equal in the app world for my Romania guide and, at the still low-low price of US$2.99, probably no better value for a personally researched Romania guide in any medium, except, of course, my Romania (and Moldova!) travel website.

And now for marketing business. With such an enormous expansion of my app, I’m going to need new reviews to reflect this enlarged amazingness. To that end, I have a pile of free download codes to give away to people armed with iPhones and iPads who would like to test-drive the app and, I hope, leave a positive review.

(Sorry, Android users, the Google Play store doesn’t offer this feature to publishers. Jerks.)

If you’d like a free download code (while supplies last) just leave a comment below and I’ll fire one off to you. Please use your real email address in the comment form so I can reach you easily.

Multumesc frumos!
(Thank you very much!)

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