Download my Romania smartphone travel app for free!

[If you’re reading this, you have unfortunately missed the free iPhone/iPad download day. But the regular price of US$2.99 for a thorough Romania travel app, with GPS and pictures, is still a heck of a deal. It’s also available on Android. And of course, I would still like to hear your feedback. Thanks!]

UPDATE: I have greatly expanded the app! More details here!

As part of the promotional blitz for my brand new Romania Traveler’s Guide app for iPhone and iPad, I’m making it free for anyone to download today (May 31st).

Feel free to share this giveaway information with anyone (read: everyone) armed with an iPhone or iPad.

Sadly, Google Play limitations prevent me from doing the same for people armed with Android phones. Apologies. But it’s still a steal for only US$2.99.

romania app screenshot romania app screenshot

The first edition of the app includes information on all of Romania’s top attractions as well as activities, eating, sleeping, nightlife, history, and transport information for the most popular tourist destinations (Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Suceava), plus general trivia on history, culture and cuisine.

Like my Florence app, my exhaustive work is being published by Sutro Media, who have developed a dynamic, user-friendly travel app platform and have built a massive catalog of travel apps for destinations in the US and around the world.

[FYI – the app works just fine without a cellular data connection, including the maps, so no need to fret over ludicrous roaming fees. The only limitation is that external internet links that I’ve embedded in the app will not work unless you’re connected to a wi-fi hub.]

And now for a humble request:

Being that iTunes popularity/sales are largely fueled by user ratings and reviews, I would deeply appreciate a brief review of the app after you’ve had a chance to play with it. If you hated the app, you are encouraged to omit this step.

I did this gig for royalties only, so every download (after today) means I get a little closer to being a hundred dollaraire.

Thank you in advance for any tweets, links and/or other help you can provide.

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