Leif in the Minneapolis Skyway video

This video is actually old news, but I’m belatedly posting it here to alert certain key visitors that I don’t look half bad on camera.

It was produced a year ago as a promo piece for Architecture Minnesota magazine’s Videotect competition “Exploring the Built Environment”, the subject being the skyways of Minneapolis and St Paul (and Rochester). They’d gotten wind that I have a (totally healthy and normal) fixation on the Minneapolis Skyway System that, unsurprisingly, peaks in the winter months. Take last winter, for example, when I voluntarily confined myself to the Minneapolis Skyway System for two weeks as a livability test and to explore my skyway-as-neighborhood theory for an article.

Architecture Minnesota asked to follow me around one afternoon with a Flip camera and an iPhone pointed at me and considering that there was no script and no plan whatsoever, it turned out really well. Check it out.

Videotect: Leif in the Skyway from Architecture Minnesota on Vimeo.

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