The Romania and Moldova Travel Guide re-launch

This is already old news to my Romania pals, but I’d like to take this blogging downtime opportunity to generally announce the recent re-launch of my online Romania and Moldova Travel Guide.

The site originally debuted in late 2006, soon after my first thorough Lonely Planet research trip in Romania and Moldova, with a design and color scheme suggesting that it had been the morning project for the kindergarten class at St Catherine’s School for the Legally Blind. Though it was, by far, the most comprehensive and regularly updated online travel guide for these two countries, its appearance was difficult to disregard.

Flash forward to late 2009. After completing the write-up for the upcoming Lonely Planet Romania 5 (in stores May 2010), and after listening to years of static by trash-talking bystanders, my web expert pal Bertine and I spent weeks redesigning and updating the entire site. Notable changes include:

•    Not old and busted looking
•    Totally updated information, accurate as of summer 2009
•    Far more pictures, including the super cool, rotating title images
•    Requisite ‘Best of’ lists
•    New hotness

Old and busted

New hotness

Unfortunately, being the most complete, constantly updated, on-the-ground research-driven Romania and Moldova travel site in the history of the universe doesn’t result in an instantaneous top Google ranking like it should. So, if any of you Romania enthusiasts would be so kind as to link up (I’d be happy to link back), blog about or disseminate glowing word-of-mouth chatter amongst your Romania-bound travel friends, I’d deeply appreciate it.

And if you are at all curious, I can confidently inform you that Romania is among the greatest destinations in Eastern Europe and boasts, on a whole, more bang for your buck than just about any other country on the continent. Budget airlines have arrived, so why haven’t you?

See you there!

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